Well hell.  I thought I could beat the odds again.  With the flu running rampant this season and with my suppressed immune system, I actually thought I could beat the odds and avoid the flu. No such luck.  I ended up in the ER on Saturday with a fever of 101.5 and a dry hacking cough.

Any of you out there who have had a stem cell transplant know that if you run a fever of greater than 100.4 you are supposed to  get to an emergency room within a half hour because any infection can become systemic very quickly.

The good news is that although I received an affirmative diagnosis of Type A influenza, we caught it early enough to start a course of Tamiflu which will hopefully keep the symptoms less severe than they otherwise might have been.

The other good news is that it has not affected my rising platelet count.  As of today it is up to 94k which is within striking distance of the low normal level of 140k.  It appears that the Promacta (eltrombopag) I am taking is working even better to treat my ITP than I thought it would.

This is a vicious flu folks.  Do yourselves a favor and get a flu shot, wash your hands, and use hand sanitizer often.  Onwards and upwards folks.