Have you saved a life lately?  It’s easier than you think.  When attorney, Mary LaGarde, heard  today that MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston was short of blood donations over the holiday season, she went to the donation center and gave a pint.

MD Anderson needs 300 units of blood a day to keep its cancer patients alive.  However, donations drop off dramatically during the holiday season.  The reasons are numerous:  shopping, family in town, holiday sales, etc….

One in three women and one in two men will get cancer in their lifetimes.  You may someday desperately need a transfusion to stay alive.  Mary has spent the better part of the past two years at MD Anderson supporting her husband and law partner Richard LaGarde who successfully won his battle with  AML Leukemia but is now fighting an autoimmune response to his stem cell transplant.  You can read about his fight for survival at www.leukemialottery.wordpress.com

If you are in the Houston area and think that saving a life would be a good thing to do, there are several MD Anderson donation centers.  Mary’s favorite is the one near the South Loop at 2555 Holly Hall Street.  The parking is free, the staff is really friendly, and there is usually no wait.

If you’re not in Houston, I’m sure the local hospital or cancer center is just as much in need this time of the year.  Do yourself a favor.  Start the new year out right by saving a life.